Have you ever had Poffertjes.Well i have. A few weeks ago me my family and a friend biked of to a park were we stoped off at a little cafe were we had traditional Dutch Poffertjes. We saw him make the Poffertjes video and we got to eat the freshly cooked poffertjes. photo Poffertjes. Poffertjes are like little small pancakes with icing sugar. The poffertjes were … Continue reading Poffertjes


Did you know that Holland is as flat as a pancake? We arrived in Holland by sea and I instantly realised how flat it was. I can almost bet 1 million dollars that you won’t find a hill in Holland. In the past 3 days we have biked 53 kms and we have only climbed 10m (that was on a bridge over the motorway). I … Continue reading Differences


I think NZ has better coffee then the UK, but the UK has better candy than us (they call them sweets)! We have been to two candy/sweets bars so far. They are called: Dylan’s Candy Bar and Hardys Original Sweetshop. My favourite candy shop was mostly Dylan’s candy bar but Hardys was quite good too. The original Dylan’s Candy Bar is in New York and is three storeys tall, but at … Continue reading Candy/Sweets!

Famous Southern Hospitality

The hospitality of southerners is so profuse, that taverns are but poorly supported. A traveller, with the garb and the manners of a gentleman, finds a welcome at every door …conversation flows cheeringly, for the southern gentleman has a particular tact in making a guest happy. After dinner you are urged to pass the afternoon and night, and if you are a gentleman in manners … Continue reading Famous Southern Hospitality


Anyone ever had fried alligator? or maybe crispy fried frog legs with gator sauce? Well at Pappadeaux’s Seafood Kitchen in Houston, Texas that is exactly what we had. I know what your thinking, Fried Alligator “eww”, but it actually looked and tasted like fried chicken. But crispy fried frog legs were different. They looked like a chicken drumstick with a thinner leg. When it came to taste, … Continue reading Pappadeaux


Food, who likes food? I do – pies, chips, burgers, cakes, muffins and fizzy drinks too. I wonder if the food in Houston will be exactly the same, or France. Maybe French food will be totally different or Germany will have a mix of foods-half different and half the same as here? Has anyone experienced the difference In foods from other Countries? or maybe the … Continue reading Food