Anyone ever had fried alligator? or maybe crispy fried frog legs with gator sauce? Well at Pappadeaux’s Seafood Kitchen in Houston, Texas that is exactly what we had.


I know what your thinking, Fried Alligator “eww”, but it actually looked and tasted like fried chicken. But crispy fried frog legs were different. They looked like a chicken drumstick with a thinner leg. When it came to taste, frog legs actually tasted more like fish than chicken.

The waiters were really nice and when they heard that we were from New Zealand offered us free dessert and of course knowing me I just couldn’t refuse. The food tasted delicious and when it came to dessert it was a taste of heaven. We had eight different options – I had the cheesecake. If you ever go to Houston Texas, Pappadeaux is a big must go place.



3 thoughts on “Pappadeaux

  1. Great writing Eli! Sounds like you are in your element 🙂 Looking forward to seeing what weird thing you eat next!! Please wish Emilie a happy birthday from us all.


  2. Ruby says that you are bad to eat alligator and that her hero Steve Irwin would not be happy with you either 🙂
    Estelle wants to know what Emily had to eat for dessert?

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