Have you ever been to NASA?

Have you ever been to NASA? Well I have. Did you know that they are going to send some people to Mars? It will take about 2 years to get to Mars and back.

Apollo MissionsA few days ago my family and I went to NASA. We had lots of fun. There were lots of little games and movies. We spent most of the day there. We went on a little 1 hour tram ride all around NASA. We went to the old control room were they used to work. My Mum sat in the same seat as the Queen  did (see she is waving like the Queen).


We also went to see a rocket as big as 2 football fields. It was the same rocket they used to take to people to the moon.  Six missions landed on the moon, and there are six USA flags up there for each mission.

NASA Space Shuttle and Boeing 747

We also went inside the space shuttle which they used to take astronauts to the space station.  The space shuttle was on the top of a Boeing 747 which they used to take the space shuttle from one side of the USA to another.


3 thoughts on “Have you ever been to NASA?

  1. No Emilie I have never been to NASA but I do remember sitting up and watching the first trip to the Moon. Perhaps you can let me know when that happened? 1960 something? It seems like you are celebrating a wonderful birthday? It is just after 8am in Opunake on May 7th. What time is it wherever you are now? Have a wonderful 10th birthday and say hello to Eli & your Mum (she was looking very royal in the Queens chair) & Dad. Love from Grandad & Grandma.


      1. I remember going to NASA with Dianne & Jim some years ago, specially enjoyed the chilli in the snack bar! It was a great day out, very interesting


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