Food, who likes food? I do – pies, chips, burgers, cakes, muffins and fizzy drinks too. I wonder if the food in Houston will be exactly the same, or France. Maybe French food will be totally different or Germany will have a mix of foods-half different and half the same as here? Has anyone experienced the difference In foods from other Countries? or maybe the … Continue reading Food


In a few days I will be getting Jet-lag. You may be wandering what jet-lag is. Well, it means that  you have moved from one side of the world to one another and the time changes but your body time hasn’t changed. “Wow, how does that work?”  We’re flying from Auckland to Houston. The flight is 14 hours long, but the time in Auckland might 8am but … Continue reading Jet-lag

Queer little restaurants, decent, though obscure?

A very interesting quarter, partly Italian, and thus full of queer little restaurants, in those basements you suspect blackbeetles. Yet, every now and again, some writing person, like myself, discovers what he considers to be quite decent, though obscure, restaurant of this type, and inexpensive.  He chances the cockroaches.  And he is filled with the explorer’s joy of discovery, and writes about his find. Thus … Continue reading Queer little restaurants, decent, though obscure?