In a few days I will be getting Jet-lag. You may be wandering what jet-lag is. Well, it means that  you have moved from one side of the world to one another and the time changes but your body time hasn’t changed.

“Wow, how does that work?”  We’re flying from Auckland to Houston. The flight is 14 hours long, but the time in Auckland might 8am but the time in Houston is 3pm, they are 7 hours ahead of us (actually they are 17 hours behind us). When my Auckland body is ready for sleep it is really 3am on the morning. When it is wake-up time in Houston my body will think it is the middle of the night!

I don’t remember having jet-lag before but I think it will feel like this. If I have to wake up in the middle of the night but it is light it will feel weird, funny and I’ll be sleepy. I probably be grumpy.

I wonder if I’ll be hungry at the normal times? Don’t think I’ll get used to it easily. I’m guessing it will take me one or two weeks. Will my body get used to it quickly?

Does anyone have any tips for me?

8 thoughts on “Jet-lag

  1. Thank you for following Storyteller. From west to east, acclimation takes about two weeks. Take a one hour nap in the afternoon. No more. Your meal times will be upside down as well… eat lighter meals at lical times.

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  2. Hey Em – Aunty Merridee here, I did the same 14hr flight last year on my way to New York – not too bad, as once you have dinner and watch a movie, you’ll sleep most of the way! For jet lag – always go with the new time, so wait to sleep when it’s their night. Take care, love your blog…xx

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  3. Hi Emilie (Eli and whānau)

    We read your blog post today in class. Your classmates were excited to know that you were in Houston. I asked who knew what state Houston was in, and I got some very interesting guesses. Nesi got the correct answer, Texas! Lucky you!

    We are currently looking at the history of the Anzacs and WW1 and beginning to design our model of a battlefield, so we can use the plastic soldiers, artillery and army vehicles I got from the Opp shop.

    Are you keeping a daily journal of your adventure?
    We look forward to your updates!
    Take care! (I hope you catch up on your sleep!)

    Kia manawanui whānau
    Akomanga 14 and Mrs Sami

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    1. Thanks. I’m writing my journal every night and trying to catch up on my sleep. Jet-lag is a little bit scary, my body doesn’t know what’s happening. Emilie


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