Queer little restaurants, decent, though obscure?

A very interesting quarter, partly Italian, and thus full of queer little restaurants, in those basements you suspect blackbeetles. Yet, every now and again, some writing person, like myself, discovers what he considers to be quite decent, though obscure, restaurant of this type, and inexpensive.  He chances the cockroaches.  And he is filled with the explorer’s joy of discovery, and writes about his find. Thus do the dim little places leap at times and expand. But they cease to be inexpensive

in Charles Harper’s (1923) Queer Things About London

We love the exploration and discovery associated with travel, especially when it is unexpected.  We love exploration and discovery of all things food.

At the risk of dispelling the element of surprise, do you have any recommendations for ‘queer little restaurants’, decent, though obscure?


Our travel roughly covers Houston, London, York, Holland (Amersfoort), Koln, Munich, Venice, Corsica, South France, Bordeaux, Paris, Calais, Hong Kong.

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