KEEN as in numbers – 1,8,10,44461,4 & ∞

Hello, we are almost there!

Those who know us will understand that there is something binary about our family.  Our kids are lovely, especially when they’re asleep, awake there is an exuberance that can mean many things…depending on your mood.  We’re KEEN (Kirk, Eli, Emilie and Nik) as.

Thanks to the encouragement of our lovely teachers we will attempt to keep a blog of our adventures around the world over the next 3 months.  It seems fitting to start our blog in numbers.

Here’s a brief backstory.  Keen to avoid having a midlife crisis Nik and I decided to experience the world beyond Onehunga and the Hauraki Gulf as a family.  So in two weeks we board a plane for Europe via the US and home via Hong Kong.  We’ve purchased a six berth campervan that will be our home for eight weeks around the UK and continental Europe.  The description sounds great and I love this piece “…the Auto-Trail Tracker RS now boasts a bigger lounge and washroom, plus an improved kitchen, increasing its appeal as a couples’ ’van”.  We have two kids exuberant kids so am curious as to whether it will be big enough.

We are in the final throws of packing.  Packing in jobs, handing over jobs, wrapping up school and packing.  Traumatic all round really so we are keeping one keen eye on our adventure ahead.

Here is our trip in numbers:

  • One trip
  • eight countries
  • ten weeks
  • 44,461km (27,628miles)
  • four bikes
  • and so many stories.

Bye for now.

4 thoughts on “KEEN as in numbers – 1,8,10,44461,4 & ∞

  1. Very exciting trip you have planned. I would have loved to grab my kids out of school and do this. I’ve just moved to Houston, but I am loving it and hope you have a good first stop!

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