Expectations vs Reality

You know that feeling when you expect something to be better than it is? Or maybe the other way around, when you expect something to be worse than it is? Well our trip has been full of moments like that.  For example, the expectation that we are going to have dinner back at the campervan but the reality is that we eat pizza on the beachfront promenade at Arcachon in the Bordeaux region (and follow it up with an evening swim in the Atlantic Ocean). Our trip has been packed with moments like that.

I expected that each country would be almost the same.  With the same food, the same likings, the same everything but the reality is that none of the countries are the same. They have different foods, different likings, different everything. The terrain was different, the languages were different, the attractions were different and each had different ideas of how to host. On all of our travels, I’ve been surprised by the differences in the camping grounds. For example, in Italy they all asked for your ID but in Austria no one asked for your ID. Another example is at a campground in Italy absolutely no one talked to each other but in France everyone striked up conversations just like you were old friends.

Overall your expectations are nothing compared to reality.

Shown above are photos from the campgrounds and us having pizza.

2 thoughts on “Expectations vs Reality

  1. Excellent, Eli. If you gain nothing else from the trip, that understanding is worth it. Nana
    (I didn’t expect you to emerge into the world talking, but you exceeded my expectations!)


  2. Your comment on Expectation vs Reality is very perceptive Eli. You are quite right in the what we might expect can often only be based on what we imagine we might expect using pictures in our minds. Reality is the ‘real thing’. I think.
    We imagined that NZ might win the Americas Cup. The reality is — We Have. Woohoo!!!


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