I think NZ has better coffee then the UK, but the UK has better candy than us (they call them sweets)!

We have been to two candy/sweets bars so far. They are called: Dylan’s Candy Bar and Hardys Original Sweetshop.

My favourite candy shop was mostly Dylan’s candy bar but Hardys was quite good too.

The original Dylan’s Candy Bar is in New York and is three storeys tall, but at Houston airport they have a mini Dylan’s Candy Bar. We brought some candy at Dylan’s candy bar.

At Hardys original sweetshop in town, it is two storeys high and we bought bean boozled.  Bean boozled is a candy game, there are some jelly beans, you have to spin the spinner and eat the candy that it lands on and see if it is good or bad. These are the flavours: stinky socks or tutti-fruitti, lawn clippings or lime, rotten eggs or buttered popcorn, toothpaste or berry blue, vomit or peach, canned dog food or chocolate pudding, booger or juicy pear and baby wipes or coconut. 

I LOVE CANDY/ SWEETS! Image result for CANDY


4 thoughts on “Candy/Sweets!

  1. This is Ruby here. When we went to visit auntie Ngaio in Cambridge we went to a Hardys sweet shop too! We bought some cola fizz bombs and some other lollies for my class mates here in the Netherlands. They keep asking me to go back to England to get some more😝
    Who got the canned dog food lolly?!

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