West Ham vs Liverpool


Just the other day I went to my first ever premier league football match West Ham vs Liverpool with my dad.


We caught the fast train from Shenfield to Stratford. On the train there was lots of other west ham supporters and a few Liverpool supporters. When we finally pulled into Stratford train station there was a tidal wave of people all getting off the train but when we got into the main station it was crazy on a whole new level, crowds of people were flooding in through every gate, every train and tube was packed to the brim with people. Once we finally got past the ticket gates we followed the crowd to the new Olympic stadium where the match was being played.

We located our gate, gate E and went through security before entering the stadium. The security took the bottle cap of our bottle of water. My hypothesis to why they did this is that so people can’t throw the bottle of water onto the pitch.

After entering we looked around and found the block where our seats were. To our surprise we had scored front row seats. We sat down just as the players started walking in. Liverpool and West Ham both walked in together but you could only hear West Ham’s club anthem – I’m forever blowing bubbles.

It was an amazing match with west hams players playing exceptionally well especially their number 7 but West Ham unfortunately let themselves down in the 2Nd half ending up losing to Liverpool 4-0 but Liverpool is 3rd in the premier league. Did you know that one of West Hams star players is New Zealander Winston Reid? He’s their star defender and is an amazing player. Overall the game was a blast and was a once in a life time experience.

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