On Tuesday we went to York. We walked the all around the wall that was built all around York. We went inside Clifford’s Tower. We went on a ride to see what the vikings used to look like and do. We went into a sweet/candy shop. We walked practically all over town .

Wall around York

In the morning we got to walk around the wall. But when I say”around” I don’t mean around the out side I mean on the top.

Clifford’s Tower

We went into Clifford’s Tower and saw the best view from the top. It was great. We read a big book about castles, went to the top level and we had a great time.

Jorvik Viking Centre

The Jorvik Viking Centre was built where they found the remains of some vikings who had lived there about 1,000 years ago.


Another Candy Store

We went to a candy shop and we bought a candy that is called sour ball (we got rhubarb.) We thought it would not be that sour but if you look at the video it should be obvious that it is (write in the comments if you think it is: extremely sour,sour,sweet or extremely sweet.)

One thought on “York

  1. Looks like you all made the most of a drizzly old York day. LOVE the video of you both eating rhubarb sours haha, they look brain freezing-ly sweet and sour! Not Eli’s favourite I am guessing LOL… can’t go past good old Sour Squirms aye Eli.


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