The Adventure

Has anyone ever been to a Barvarian beer garden? Well I hadn’t up until a few days ago. It was quite the experience. We went with our friend Marc, Ellen’s brother (check out the blog on our sailing trip). We biked off at around 4 pm. The bike ride was fairly short, only 21 Km there. We biked along the right side of the river Isar, which runs through Freisling where we were staying with Marc. It was a nice bike ride along the river.IMG_3609

When we were about half way to the Bavarian beer garden we stopped and went down to the river for a swim. The river had a fairly strong current so you had to walk up stream a bit before you could go properly. After a few goes we got braver and went upstream even further but after a while the current bet you and you had to go from where you had stopped.IMG_3613

After swimming we got back onto our bikes. After another 10 minutes of riding, the path narrowed down to a one person track. We kept on going. After that there was no backing out with thousands of mosquitoes surrounding us and stinging nettles stinging us like 1000 pins being slowly pushed into your body. We kept on going. After 20 minutes we still saw no exit, then we saw it, the exit! We biked out of the path onto a road and there we were. We had beaten that devilish track but we still weren’t there yet. We biked on tiredly to the beer garden.IMG_3620

When we arrived it was unlike anything I had ever seen or imagined. There were hundreds of people all drinking and eating outside. We found a table and sat down. After what we’d gone through, my dad had promised us a litre of drink. I chose a drink that is basically apple juice with soda water – it’s called Apfelschorle. After a dinner of a variety of different Bavarian specialties, like a big pretzel, barbequed fish etc. we had to go home. My mum and Emilie took the car and me, my dad and Marc biked home. This time we took the left side of the river home which was a much more used track and was quite easy to ride on. We were riding in darkness and relying on the light of the moon. Sometimes you couldn’t even see your handlebars. When we reached Friesling, we stopped off for an ice cream, Marc’s shout. I had a special strawberry ice-cream in a big cup. It was basically 2 balls of ice-cream of your choice, I chose yogurt and kiwifruit gelato, then it had a topping of fresh strawberries with strawberry sauce. When we reached home we went straight to sleep. #whataadventure.

2 thoughts on “The Adventure

  1. Brilliant blog, Eli. Just as well you didn’t have a litre of beer before that ride home in the dark!


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