Did you know that Holland is as flat as a pancake? We arrived in Holland by sea and I instantly realised how flat it was. I can almost bet 1 million dollars that you won’t find a hill in Holland. In the past 3 days we have biked 53 kms and we have only climbed 10m (that was on a bridge over the motorway).

I also noticed how many people ride bikes here practically no one drives. They have special paths for cyclists to use, they even have little motorways with traffic lights for bikes. Most of the roads here are made of brick instead of tarmac.

Our friends that we are staying with biked us to their children’s school where we were surprised to find out that we were the only people wearing a helmet that’s also a law here you don’t have to wear a helmet.

The food here is very delicious. I especially love the Speculoos spread. is a ginger like biscuit I also like that they have a thing kind of like the sprinkles from fairy bread but different flavours. Speculoos, fruit, chocolate etc. that they put on their bread.

All the people over here in Holland appear to be tall and very fit.

Just the other day when we went to the market we stood next to a post that marked the sea level. The canal water level was about 3m below the post this means that a lot of the Netherlands(Holland) is actually below sea level and they are constantly pumping water up into canals.

Overall the difference between Holland and New Zealand is pretty tremendous