Just a few days ago I went on a 60-kilometre bike ride from Amersfoort to Utrecht and back. We started our bike ride at 10 am. It was a long and tiring bike ride. On the way to  Utrecht we went through an old USA air force base and biked on the old runway which was pretty cool – not many people can say they’ve biked on a runway before. After that we continued on our journey. When we were starting to get close, we saw a bridge over the motorway but not just any bridge, a bridge with trees, grass and bushes growing on it. This bridge was called an Ecoduct. An Ecoduct is basically a highway for the animals to use to cross the motorway – this way it prevents car crashes, squashed animals, and most importantly prevents the death of animals.IMG_3148 2When we arrived in Utrecht we were very tired – we had biked 27 kilometres. so we got McDonalds. The McDonalds here in Holland is practically the same as in New Zealand with some exceptions like the chilli chicken burger which is basically chicken with sweet chilli. After some exploring we went off to the train station to meet my mum and my sister who had biked to the train station, and caught the train to Utrecht. After exploring Utrecht for a while we went to a restaurant where me and my sister and my parents had a drink (no we didn’t have Alcohol). After that we went to a shop that made hand cut Fries  right in front of you in a special machine. After eating the chips it was time to head back to Amersfoort.

The bike ride back felt much easier but it still wasn’t easy. When we finally got home I could only just walk. It was an experience alright!

8 thoughts on “#TheBikeRide

  1. Great story, Eli. And a great bike ride, wow!
    Maybe try to put a full-stop in your blog occasionally?
    We’re loving hearing all about your travels.


  2. wow! What a day that was Eli. You are going to be the fittest member of the THUNDER when you get back by far!! Keep up the great stories :o)


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