London Bridge isn’t Falling Down

Who’s ever heard the song London Bridge is Falling Down? I have. But has anyone ever seen London bridge falling down? Has it ever even fallen down? These are questions I ask myself while I walk over London bridge.

3 days ago we had our first day in London. We caught a ride into Shenfield with our friend Fiona. Then in Shenfield we went into Tescos the England equivalent of PakNSave to buy lunch. After buying our lunch we walked the remaining distance to the train station where we caught the fast train into Liverpool Street, London.

The fast train into London travels at around 140 km per hour. We caught a tube (London Underground) to the Tower of London. We got out and walked around the outside of the Tower of London. We saw the holes in the all where the archers were stationed for defense. Did you know that the Tower of London was the most feared prison in the era of Henry VIII 1509-1547.

After looking at the Tower of London we walked across  Tower bridge and all the way to Tate Modern Art Museum where we did some art that was displayed on the wall (especially my art)after Tate modern art museum we went across the millennium bridge and had a quick look at St Paul’s cathedral before catching the tube from Blackfriars to Westminster and arrived right outside Big ben after looking at the Big Ben we walked to Buckingham palace but on the way we took a short cut through Hyde park] where we saw the marching band and specially trained horses rehearsing for the queen’s birthday so we literally got a free show after watching the rehearsal for a we while we continued on our way to Buckingham palace where we saw the queens Guards and I’m serious they didn’t even blink their eyes after that we got on a tube to Trafalgar square

where we went and had a look at the prices for some west end theater shows cause my sister Emilie got a voucher from dad that said that they would take her to a show in the West End Theater after that we caught a tube back to Liverpool Street and then the fast train all the way back to Shenfield.


ELI’S art 1  ELI’S art 2  ELI’S art 3    EMILIE’S art 1 EMILIE’s art 2 EMILIE’S art 3

KIRK art 1    NICOLA art 1

2 thoughts on “London Bridge isn’t Falling Down

  1. Hi Eli – I remember visiting some of these places when I went to England when I was 10 and 12 years old. One thing that really blew me away was how old everything is compared to NZ ! Looks like you are having an awesome time. Karen (a friend of your mums)


  2. what a super busy amazing day! you’ve been EVERYWHERE man!! Well almost… you will have been just about everywhere by the time you get back to little old Auckland! London is a cool city, so much to see and do…and so much fun getting around on the tube. Glad to see how much fun you are all having ;o)


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