The Journey

We  arrived in England 3 days ago after 2 flights before we left Houston we went to Dylan’s Candy Bar. Dylan’s Candy Bar is a American candy store that my little sister Emilie has always wanted to go to after her old teacher had come back after a holiday and raved about it.
When we boarded our flight we had to wait in the plane for 2 hours because of tornado warnings in Houston when we finally took off our flight path was changed delaying us another 2 hours making our 10 hour flight from Houston,Texas to Frankfurt,Germany a bumpy 14 hour flight. The delay caused us to miss our connection flight to London from Frankfurt but we caught a different flight to London and yes no need to worry we did arrive in London where we were picked up by 2 of my Dads Essex biking buddies Gary and John.
We then went for a one and a half hour drive on the M25 and up the A12 to Maldon, known for it’s famous Maldon Mud Race. We managed to stay up 8 hours after landing, getting to sleep about 8 pm local time. We went for a walk and I realised how all the houses here are much smaller and most are about 2 stories or more high it is definitely very different then it is down there in New Zealand.
 IMG_2436 copy
After staying in Maldon we went to Billericay and met up with some people from my Mum’s ante natal group there is a big hit toy like thing that all the kids play with called a fidget hand spinner.  After that we went and got the camper-van which is literally a moving home. It has a shower, luxury toilet, 3 double beds, an oven, a big fridge and even a TV. 
After getting the camper van we went to Canewdon and stayed the night there and then we were on to today.
Today was my sister Emilie birthday so we had a little celebration and at around about midday we came to Brentwood and here I am now.

4 thoughts on “The Journey

  1. I’m glad your journey turn out ok in the end. The houses in the U.K. are small aren’t they? We’re lucky to have so much space in NZ! Keep writing Eli, we love to hear from you 🙂


  2. This is Ruby here. From what I have learn from “Air crash investigators” it was very good that you didn’t take off while the tornado was there. I am very experienced in these matters 😎🙃

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    1. I enjoyed hearing all about your trip from our home in Spring to England! Can’t believe your trip from Houston to Frankfurt was as long as your trip from N.Z. to Houston! Dianne


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