We went chasing waterfalls

The Krimmel Waterfalls with an impressive fall of 380m over three levels, are the largest in Europe and the fifth largest in the world.  We went to see them in Austria and decided to walk the pathway all the way to the top.

It was a steep climb and when we reached the top, we were 1,470m above sea level. It was really loud. Sometimes I couldn’t hear my whanau over the boom of the waterfall crashing down. At some points, it was helpful to have a rainjacket on because of the spray from the waterfall.  On average, the water flow is 5.61m3 per second.  That’s a lot of water!

Enjoy this video to give you a sense of the waterfall.  Walking down was much easier than going up.

Krimml Waterfall Emilie from KEEN Sargent on Vimeo.

#wemadeittothetop #krimmel

3 thoughts on “We went chasing waterfalls

  1. Well done, Em, and everybody. It looks to be a popular track walking up there.
    I wonder if it freezes in winter and turns into an icefall?
    Nana x

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  2. Good on you Emilie and you all for clambering all the way up Europe’s highest water fall. Must get a lot of people as the track look very very good. Love from Opunake


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